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CAR-FRESHNER is the leading automotive air freshener company in the world. It is particularly known for brands like LITTLE TREES and SILLY STRING. The family-owned company has been headquartered in Watertown, NY since 1952. With a team of world-class product, brand and sales experts, CAR-FRESHNER’s products can be found from London to Rio de Janeiro.

Corporate Headquarters: Watertown, NY

Domestic Sales Associate

Human Resources Associate

International Sales Associate

Legal Coordinator

Manufacturing: Watertown, NY

Machine Operator- Night Shift

Machinist- Day Shift

Manufacturing: DeWitt, IA

Machine Operator - Night Shift

Preventative Machine Mechanic- Night Shift


Our 10-12 week paid Summer Internship Program is held at CAR-FRESHNER’s corporate headquarters in Watertown, NY.

CAR-FRESHNER’s interns will work on small teams, within a designated department.  As a member of the team, participants will gain exposure to a wide range of projects related to the department and the intern’s field of study. Our internships offer excellent training and mentoring.

Corporate Headquarters: Watertown, NY

Accounting Intern

Domestic Sales Intern

Information Technology Intern

Legal Intern

Safety & Regulatory Affairs Intern